28 Day Detoxification Program

Our first time EVER online, Detoxification webinar class.  So many of our patients, nationwide have asked for this so here it its!

What:  Dr. Bump’s 28 Detoxification Program
Where:  Online, webinar. If you are unable to make the specified dates and times, all classes will be recorded.
When:  Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27 – 4 consecutive Thursday evenings. 7 PM EST.
The first class on 10/6 will be approx. 2 hours and the remaining classes will be one hour.

Dr. Bump has prescribed The LivClear Detoxification program which is medically based and clinically proven, successfully for over 25 years. The “LivClear” Detox program involves the use of a medicinal food powder that is formulated to both support the liver’s role in detoxification and to improve cellular respiration...think energy. In addition to using the LivClear II formula, which is an enjoyable meal replacement shake, an elimination diet is prescribed. This elimination diet program removes offending foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, corn, coffee, alcohol, sugar, chemicals etc. The program is designed to take anyone and everyone through 28 days of complete life-style rejuvenation. And believe me, it works, and as mentioned, sometimes even miracles! Below are some of the wonderful benefits of this worthy, life-changing program:

Breaking food addictions and cravings. During the 28 days program the increased dosing of the LivClear detox formula eliminates addictions by nourishing your cells, all 50 trillion of them, in a way they have never experienced. The formula also works at reducing cravings by keeping blood sugar levels stable and supplying your body with more nutrition than it has ever enjoyed!

Improved energy The LivClear detox formula improves energy several ways. It is specifically formulated to increase how you make energy right down to the cellular level. Because the formula is extremely nutrient dense without extra caloric “baggage” you get more nourishment with less effort.

Elimination of Toxins This benefits should actually be number one! The LivClear detox formula supports how your liver is designed to breakdown and eliminate toxins.

Weight Loss Although the 28-day LivClear program is not designed or promoted as a weight loss program 90% of participants loose weight. Those that don’t are typically in severe Insulin Resistance or other potential hormone imbalances, so these are addressed after the detox program.

Hormone Balance Because hormones are conjugated and deconjugated in the liver, supporting the liver function improves hormone function. Additionally many of the toxins that compete with hormones are eliminated, such as bisphenol-A, which allows the hormone receptors to work efficiently.

Regain health We know from thousands of medical and scientific studies that what we eat determines our healthy outcome. So the more you are in control, the better your health becomes. It’s that simple!

Establish a Healthy Life Style Foundation Studies show that we have to repeat a new behavior for 21 days consecutively in order for it to become permanent. The 28-Day LivClear Detox program has been designed .with this in mind. As you go through the step by step approach for learning new ways to live and healthy life, you will leave old habits far behind and begin enjoying healthy new behaviors. You will finish the program with a clean canvas and perfect foundation from which you will spring board into better health.

This is a wonderful investment in your health!

What you will get:
• 6 Container of Dr. Bump’s LivClear II Detoxification Formula
• 1 Blender Bottle
• 4 Classes which includes how to do the detox, support, guidance for a successful detoxification
• Detox program
• Access to a private Facebook page for participants only
• Email access with our Lifestyle Educator for unlimited questions and guidance during the 28 day period.

To Enroll:
1) Download the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
2) Complete pages 2-3
3) Complete the form on the left to register and be sure to enter your Questionnaire Grand Total
4) Complete the payment online using Paypal (you *MAY* use a credit card at Paypal)

Total: $575.00