Making tofu

(Compliments of Jesse Clark)

3c soy beans
2tsp nigari
Soak beans in 10c of water overnight
Drain and rinse beans
Grind beans in a blender with 3 quarts of water
Strain through cheesecloth and collect liquid
Simmer the liquid for 10 min
Cool to 180 degrees
Add coagulant (2tsp dissolved in 1cup water) – stir SLOWLY, pour  SLOWLY!!
As soon as curd forms, STOP stiring

Sit for 10 min

If there are watery patches add more coagulant (1/2 tsp dissolved in 1/4c water). Sprinkle coagulant onto tofu and press then end of a wooden spoon into the tofu gently making little depressions. Sit for 10 min.

If tofu forms large clumps or one large clump cut tofu with a knife to create evenly sized pieces. 
Scoop up the tofu pieces and place in tofu press.  Place a weight on the tofu for 15-30 min depending on desired firmness. Soak tofu in cold water and use within 3 days or freeze.