Energy Balls

(Compliments of Jesse Clark)

Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Almond Butter
Flax Meal
Flax oil
Hemp Protein

I take maybe a cup (or a little more than a cup) each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and nuts (cashew, almond, whatever) and chop them in the food processor so that there’s nothing bigger than say half to a third of a sunflower seed – put them in a separate bowl.

Then take about 2  big handfuls of pitted dates and one handful of raisins and put them in the food processor with some nut butter (1/2 cup?) and flax or hemp oil (2-3TBsp?).  This can be tough on the food processor so I usually “pulse” it so it doesn’t get jammed up.  

When this is pretty well mixed and paste-like add some protein powder – we use hemp (1/3 cup?) and more spirulina than you can imagine (1/3 cup?)  When this is well mixed add the chopped nuts/seeds.  You know how when you make a pie crust they say to cut in the butter to resemble course meal – that’s what you want this to look like.  It shouldn’t stick together in a ball in the food processor – it should be crumbly but it should stick together if you squeeze it in your hand.  Like pie crust. If they’re too wet add more protein powder and spirulina.  If they’re not sticking add more flax oil and nut butter. Roll them into somewhat bite size balls – we usually get bored of the rolling and our balls end up getting bigger and bigger so we don’t have to roll so many!  If we have shredded coconut around sometimes I roll them in the coconut too.

I’ve also had success using figs with or instead of the dates and raisins.