metagenics.com Metagenics is the world leader in nutraceutical formulations and research. They provide the nutritional support for Functional Medicine. This site provides insight into their research and formulas.

purecaps.com Pure Encapsulation is one of the few companies I recommend. Their quality control has set the standard for the nutraceutical industry. Check out their useful Health Library page.

thorne.com Thorne research, like Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations, is one of the “Top Shelf” supplement manufacturers. In fact they will sell their products ONLY to professionals like Dr. Bump. Their “Medical Database” page is very informative.

vrp.com Vitamin Research site provides an informative newsletter written by Dr. Ward Dean. Good information, but be cautioned not to assume you need every supplement described!

cellfood.com Dr. Bump has recently been introduced to Cell Food and is currently investigating its claims. Cell Food is an interesting concept that looks to have great promise in providing high quality Oxygen to our tissues. More potent than Ozone therapy and Hyperbaric chambers.