Dr. Bump and Integrated Health Care offer a unique, integrative and functional approach that helps patients with many health issues from weight loss to pain, infertility to menopause, stress management to digestive disorders.

Because illnesses often involve many imbalances, an integrative approach can unravel the mystery of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Simply put, we believe it is important to look at the whole patient, past and present, and design a personalized journey back to health.
Dr. Bump’s Metabolic Assessment Package is often the first step in gaining insight into your health. Including questionnaires, a food journal, PH test, and auxiliary temperature test, it is one of many tools Integrated Health Care uses to help you regain your health. Dr. Bump also studies your distinct health history, examination, lab test results and any relevant emotional and spiritual factors.
A variety of treatments are then available to meet your distinctive needs including:
• Comprehensive BioChemical/Nutritional Assessment
• Functional Lab Testing
• Personalized Nutritional Regimens
• Myofascial Trigger Point TherapyRead What Patients Say About Dr. Bump
• Soft Tissue Techniques
• Frequency Specific Microcurrent
• Laser Therapy
• Lifestyle Changes
• First Line Therapy 
It is our goal is to assist anyone who needs our care, and we go to great lengths to provide the most professional and progressive service.